MSRP: $26 Wholesale Price: $12 Min Purchase: 5pcs

3-in-1 Pipe Tools

This elegant, minimal design is every tool you need for your pipe or bowl. This pipe tool set comes with:

  • a tamper, to help make the perfect cherry in your piece
  • a poker, to ensure you have proper airflow
  • and a scoop, to clean your pipe for the next pack

It even comes with its own discrete velvet carrying bag, to limit smell and prevent sticky resin from getting in your pocket or purse. Not only is this a practical pipe tool set, but it's also stylish as well!

We've designed the pipe tool to be the perfect pair with our ashtrays - they fit even with the lid on for easy storage and convenience.

MSRP: $26 Wholesale Price: $12 Min Purchase: 5pcs

Oil Vape Pen

Introducing our own Oil Vape Pen and battery. Easy to use, durable, and fits comfortably in a pocket.

Take the magnetic adapter, attach your cartridge of choice, and begin vaping - it’s literally that simple. When you’re done, tuck the pen into our beautiful and discrete velvet travel bag to keep everything together.

Works with 510 vape cartridges. Comes with velvet travel bag, USB 2 charger, and magnetic cartridge adaptor.

Available in three colors: Midnite, Rose and Cobalt. Mixed colors are acceptable in minimum order quantity orders.

MSRP: $26 Wholesale Price: $12 Min Purchase: 5pcs

Porcelain Lidded Ashtray

Keep those ashes and smell low-key with our gorgeous geometric covered ashtray. It fits comfortably in your hand and is cool to the touch.

Our own exclusive design is made from the finest porcelain in the world, yet still dishwasher safe.

It rests beautifully on a coffee table or outdoor picnic table or nested with our matching rolling tray on your dresser.

Our quality is superb and the design is the perfect addition to any modern smoker's arsenal. Can be used for cigarettes, joints, blunts, sage, incense, etc.

Available in Matcha Green, Matte White and Matte Black. Mixed colors are acceptable in minimum order quantity orders.

MSRP: $26 Wholesale Price: $12 Min Purchase: 5pcs

Porcelain Rolling Trays

The only lightweight and elegant porcelain rolling tray available on the market. Too beautiful to not leave out.

Our own Velvet Toke design, the tray is engineered to fit comfortably in your hands and lap. Cool to the touch, our exclusive rolling tray has a sleek surface and smooth contoured edges to make rolling naturally easy. Easy clean up too, our rolling tray is dishwasher safe.

This rolling tray is made from the finest porcelain and glazed in the same matte white finish as our lidded ashtrays. They look beautiful together.

Please choose to leave this out - no need to hide it.

Our porcelain tray is also useful to hold cosmetics or jewelry.

MSRP: $26 Wholesale Price: $12 Min Purchase: 5pcs

Sealed Herb Jar

Beautiful design and made from the finest porcelain. This Sealed Herb Jar matches our Rolling Tray and Ashtrays and looks great alone or in combination. The silicone seal on the inside of the jar keeps your herbs fresh and dry while keeping all odors in.

MSRP: $26 Wholesale Price: $12 Min Purchase: 5pcs

Threadless Herb Grinder

This is highest functioning grinder on the market. We know, because we've tried all of them before we settled on this design. In use, there are no sticky threads or awful squeaks on unscewing. Rare earth magnets hold the compartments in place.

This grinder is designed to fit comfortably in your hand with a hexagonal profile that allows you to grip and grind easily. The small sharp teeth of our grinder creates a fine grind into the large collection compartment. And because it happens, our magnetic closure is strong enough to keep the grinder closed if dropped.

Each grinder comes in our signature, stay-clean, velvet storage bag. The grinder fits neatly and discretely into your pocket or purse.

It also looks great on the matte white Porcelain Rolling Tray when not in use.

Available in Rose Gold, Matte Black and Silver. Mixed colors are acceptable in minimum order quantity orders.

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